Hot water
Now I like to think that I´m a practical man
I live my life just the best way that I can
And I don´t care what luxury means to any other man
Just give me hot water

I don´t need no penthouse up on the 42nd floor
With wall-to-wall carpets and a posh decor
I could live in a shack that had cardboard for a door
If it had hot running water

Now you can eat pork and beans or you can eat caviar
But for washing those greasy fingers the best thing by far
Is hot water

Now you might wear your hair long or you might wear it short
You might think you´re pretty straight or consider yourself quite the sport
For washing all that hair most people will report
Hot water
Now I like women, sweet or salty
I like em when they´re nice and I just adore em when they´re naughty
But for hopping into bed with a nice clean body
No cold showers, just plenty of hot steamy water

Sittin´ in the tub with the one that you love
Sittin´ in the tub with the one that you love
Sittin´ and scrubbin´ and huggin´ and lovin´
Oh, hot water