One night shows
I´m a stranger in your town, I´m only passing through
Seen by many and known by few
One night shows and lonely hotel rooms

But I don´t have to tell you about being on the road
It´s common knowledge and it´s oft times told
You sell your music and try to keep your soul

But there´s always those nights that make it worth it all
When the music is flowing and the crowd´s so strong
It´s what keeps you out on that road so long
Of one night shows and lonely hotel rooms

Out of all those places you finally meet someone
Who steals your heart when you´re just looking for some fun
You´d love to stay but, you´ve just gotta run

You might be passing back this way, later on this year
And you might see again if she´s still there
But that´s too long from, right now and right here

It´s a night and a day that you´ll remember for so long
must be right but, it wasn´t wrong
She´s the kind of woman that´s writing her a song
After the show in some lonely hotel room